Sunday, November 29, 2009

To-Do List

Like the Corrado, there are a lot of small things wrong, broken, or just plain missing in my latest Saab. In fact, I got so lost trying to keep track of everything, I wrote a list:

  • change gear oil
  • change engine oil
  • tighten hood release cable
  • replace dome light switch
  • put in floor board screws
  • fix speaker shelves
  • replace radio harness
  • put in fog light bolt
  • repair driver's seat
  • vacuum inside
  • reapply Rain-X
  • check cam/ignition timing
  • reattach gear-shift boot
This list doesn't include what I already did in the last week during break which was simply: clean up center console, repair passenger seat, fix fog light switch, and remove headlight wipers. Tomorrow I pack up and go back to Rose, ready for the next term. Well, ready as I'll ever be that is. Should be good though - only 14 credit hours this term. On another note, I drove down to Washington, MO today to meet another Saab owner named Kevin. He just bought a 1985 Saab 900S. It's an 8 valve! I'd never driven an 8 valve until today. Though a lot slower than my 2.1L, it was still a lot of fun! It came from California and therefore looked absolutely pristine! I finally got rid of the old Saab radio I had sitting in my room after hearing he wanted to restore his 900 to factory original. Anyway, that's all for now. I'll update later with more interesting posts. Cheers, Saab Guy

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