Thursday, January 21, 2010

Inner Driver Worn

At least the engine is still running great!

Unfortunately, I just found out that at least one of the inner drivers is worn out. A new one from (the best place for new Saab/Volvo/BMW parts) is $310. Free shipping at least though :)

Aside from that, things are going well with the car. I poured some heet and techron through the engine and now I'm getting 22-24mpg, which is more of what I'd expect from a 2.1L n/a. Before that, I was getting 31... that's not good. Too lean. So, hopefully this unplugged the injectors or something or another, rather than be the last straw on a failing seal or something.

UPDATE: Shift Joint
Turns out that, though this did help, the gear oil is still far too thin and was also far too low. A complete oil change is necessary, but I've topped it off at least with 10w-30 Castrol GTX and it seems to have helped.... absolutely none. Oh well.

In other news, the Saab Support Convoy that I've been a large part of planning is this weekend. On Sunday there will be roughly 10-20 cars show up hopefully (10 confirmed so far) to show their support for Saab and to try and help convince GM to SELL SAAB! We'll be meeting at Suntrup West County Saab and then driving near the arch for a photoshoot. Should be good fun!

I believe that is all the major news for now. Until next time...

Saab Guy